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Review And Download WutaCam App Free For Android, IOS

Wutacam is a photography app for Android, Iphone produces beautiful, sharp and extremely cute photos. This application is currently used by many young people to replace the previous photography apps.

WutaCam 2 

Some main creative features of WutaCam:

  • Real-time face retouching

Over twenty types of facial beautification and modification technology, such as face lift, nose fix, eyes style and white teeth, and they all affect your face in real-time.

  • Make up

Virtual beauty when taking photos and videos, manually adjusting eye, face, nose size and beautifying the face, will give you beautiful photos like plastic surgery.

  • 2D sticker

Thousands of cute style stickers, kittens, small ears etc. are updated daily.

  • Dynamic GIF capture

Can capture animated GIFs, many styles to choose from.

Moreover, WutaCam application also supports video recording for quite a long time – this is also one of the plus points of this application. Video is recorded with a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of 5 minutes. During the recording process, you can exploit the effects above to create beautiful videos as well or keep the images in real time.

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