Turtle Ninja Jump

Turtle Ninja Jump game free download

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Turtle Ninja Jump game free download

Turtle Ninja Jump is a free adventure game for the Android, which is a game similar to Angry Birds. It is going to be another extremely popular game among the gaming crowd. The extremely friendly animated turtle will banish boredom out of your life and keep you entertained around the clock.

In Turtle Ninja Jump, you must race back to save it from certain destruction. you’ll jumping up the platforms can you reach your goal in time. Make sure you land correctly, for if you miss a platform you could fall to your doom. Along the way (if you manage to survive) you can collect precious gems, better weapons and special power-ups. Watch out for the tricky obstacles and dangerous spikes. Worse yet are your enemies who want nothing more than to attack and defeat you!

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Some main creative features of Turtle Ninja Jump:

– Free to play

– 3 different characters to choose from

– 3 different worlds to play in

– Expand your powers to achieve your goal faster

– Collect endless supply of gems to boost your wealth

– Improve you weapons to better defend yourself

– Land on constantly changing array of platforms

– Fight fearless enemies and mutants who seek to attack you

– Facebook, Twitter and Email so you can play with your friends or post your score

Download Turtle Ninja Jump and start playing for free today!

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