Toy Defense 2

Toy Defense 2 game free download

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Toy Defense 2 game free download

Toy Defense 2 is a free strategy game for the Android, which lets you try to defend your beautiful castle from the vile goblins and the nasty dragons.

In Toy Defense 2, be the hero and recruit your armies, and train them rigorously, to defeat the pillaging army of the goblins and the dragons. Use your magic powers and stop the enemies advance and drive them away for good.

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Some main creative features of Toy Defense 2

  • Free to play
  • Stunning graphics
  • 240 action-packed td missions
  • Tournaments with rating system
  • Several nations’ armies available to use during a battle
  • Three game modes: PvE missions, tournaments and PvP battles
  • Vehicles from Great Britain, the U.S.A., the USSR and Germany
  • Units upgradable by adding commanders
  • Famous military campaigns like the Battle of Iwo Jima and Operation Overlord

Download Toy Defense 2 and start playing for free today!

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