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Tik Tok is a video hot social network, where users can design, shoot short videos, edit, cut, add and understand video depending on how your imagination helps video. become more attractive and there are many other good ones. Application is a product for young generation with passion for music and creativity. Without needing to spend much time, Tik Tok helps users to have a better short video than ever.

Highlight features of TikTok:

– Face recognition: High-speed video recording with perfect face recognition feature makes it easy to record all your rich expressions with extremely unique stickers.

– Sharp quality: Download instantly, the interface is smooth and not jerky lag.

– Massive music library: Bringing your creative potential to a new level and unlocking the world of millions of newly updated music tracks every second.

– Mobile studio:

+ The perfect combination of artificial intelligence and video recording features.

+ Features synchronization of melodies, special effects and advanced technology.

+ Turn your phone into an innovative home studio!

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