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Tank Battles game free download

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Tank Battles game free download

Tank Battles – Action games, that is General McTankerson, the greatest tank commander in the world, speaking! Many have come to my island for the Tank Battles Tournament, but only one can be crowned the Tank King. Will it be you? Roll out and let the Tank Battles begin!

Tank Battles, you can customize your tank, enter the battlefield and destroy your opponents! Tank Battles delivers one of the most exciting multiplayer experiences ever, as well as challenging solo missions – for FREE! The tanks are fast and easy to maneuver, so you’ll become a master tank commander in no time!

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Some main creative features of  Tank Battles:

√ PIMP YOUR RIDE: Customize your tank with more than 90,000 combinations of cannons, armor, treads, camouflage and more.
√ RULE THE BATTLEFIELD with 22 powerful items, such as mines, turrets and bombs, to deal massive damage to opponents!
√ TEAM UP! Ally with your friends, or challenge them in epic battles while climbing the weekly and lifetime leaderboards.
√ INSANE FUN! The 80+ single-player levels & 10 multiplayer maps have been designed to offer maximum fun, with destroyable blocks, moving obstacles, closing doors, conveyor belts and so much more.

Download Tank Battles and start playing for free today!

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