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Download Game Survival Island Online MMO Free 

Survival Island Online MMO is adventure games free download for mobile. The player will be transformed into a character left alone on an uninhabited island, where you have to find a way to survive, fighting with wild animals and natural conditions harshness.

Instead of playing offline alone as a game of the same type, Survival Island Online has outstanding points help you meet with your friends and many other people around the world. Where people will fight together and make artifacts and craft weapons, build houses, look for food ….

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Main feature of Survival Island Online MMO:

+ Multiplayer: Create your own world or enter a world created by others, play with friends and meet other players.

+ Character development: Develop your character in a unique system in the game. Get the best out of your work and you can upgrade your skill level after completing the level.

+ Unique islands: Move from one place to another to discover the beauty of nature, watch strange animals and solve all the quests on your favorite island.

+ Make and Build: Be smart! Everything you need can be created. You can build a variety of weapons, armor, building houses, and why not try to build a ship to move from one place to another and gather resources.

+ Explore the exciting adventure: Go deep into the forest, with the ax in your hand, you can cut the tree for wood. Explore the island and find rare resources (not just trees and rocks). Make great and important things do not let yourself starve.

+ Great online gaming community: You can travel with 63 other players on the same server.

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