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Download Survival Island: Evolve – Survivor free

Survival Island: Evolve – Survivor building home is one of the best classic adventure games on Android app ever, where you’ll find yourself on a desert land absolutely lost, and try to survive there each day.

In game Survival Island: Evolve – Survivor you will have the opportunity tobexplore each new corner of the islands and look for food and arms in order to protect yourself from wild animal and dinosaur world. Hunt fast for small savage beasts in defense, chop trees to build a base board or block shelter and a farm or a camp. Excavate, open and craft various metals and make armor, sword, guns and weapon without army. Take up military arms against crocodiles, tigers, dinosaurs and other dangerous fairy, become an archer for war shooters and gain the upper hand in the mmorpg fight arcade!

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Feature of game Survival Island: Evolve – Survivor:

  •  You can download some enormous iceland simulators
  • Become a creator or maker of useful mini items for free
  • Hunt for wild animals via one click only and become one of the best hunters of the epoch
  • Building of your own tower space or house made of blocks
  •  High-class 3D graphics and art generator
  •  Multiplayer or single player modes to comply with requests of gamers belonging to all age groups. Enjoy co-playing with you friends of 12, 21 and even 81 years of age: girls, boys, kids. Find your companion to experience evolution together

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