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Strawberry Shortcake BerryRush is a free action game for the Android, which lets you try to bake a cake for your friends but you don’t have the right ingredients anymore. Run, slide and leap through the wonderful world of Berry Bitty City and grab all the strawberries, cherries, oranges and other yummy fruit you can find!

In Strawberry Shortcake BerryRush, lets extend your help to your friends and help Strawberry bake her cake. You can run along with your cute pets plus you can customize the look of your character with their own stylish outfits. Then your it’s time to bake your cake and decorate it then take a picture and show it to your friends.

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Some main creative features of Strawberry Shortcake BerryRush:

  • Bake and decorate delicious cakes!
  • Play as your favorite Strawberry Shortcake character!
  • Dress your characters with tons of cool outfits!
  • Collect fruit and coins to make recipes and unlock cute puppy pals!
  • Ride rainbows, leap from flowers and catch butterfly power-ups!
  • Get sticker packs and fill your personal sticker book!
  • Race through the colorful and amazing world of Berry Bitty City!

Download the Strawberry Shortcake BerryRush now and have fun collecting fruits and baking cakes to your friends.

Strawberry Shortcake BerryRush Strawberry Shortcake BerryRush 1 Strawberry Shortcake BerryRush

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