Splash: Underwater Sanctuary

Splash: Underwater Sanctuary game free download

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Splash: Underwater Sanctuary game free download

Splash: Underwater Sanctuary is a free adventure game for the Android, which lets you to explore the brand new ocean adventure from the makers of Flutter!. Take the plunge! Splash is overflowing with eye-catching fish, beautiful ocean environments and relaxing gameplay that is sure to keep you entertained for hours to come.

In Splash: Underwater Sanctuary, you will dive into an expansive ocean world in desperate need of repair. This underwater sanctuary needs your help to nurture it from a dark and lifeless existence into a vibrant and diverse ecosystem. In order to accomplish this feat, you will need to grow a multitude of sea creatures through their lifecycles from eggs to adults. Along the way be sure to keep your Aquapedia handy, as you’ll find exciting real life facts about each species you uncover at every turn of the page.

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Some main creative features of Splash: Underwater Sanctuary:

– Free to play

– Level up to unlock more species, decorations, and space for your reef

– Catalogue your discoveries and learn more about the ocean in the Aquapedia

– Collect spectacular decorations to adorn and power-up your environment

– Connect with friends to exchange gifts and help each other along your journey

– Release fully grown fish into the wild to repopulate the great ocean

– Play with your new ocean friends, guiding them through the reef and observing their quirky interactions with each other

– Discover a huge range of real world species from Angelfish and Lionfish to Seahorses and Jellyfish

Download Splash: Underwater Sanctuary and start playing for free today!

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