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Run Race 3D is an attractive and completely free running game for phones and tablets, participating in Run Race 3D you will be competing with other players from all over the world, experiencing the Peak action phase in true Parkour style.

How to play Run Race 3D game:

To ensure proper travel, Run Race 3D players will have to follow the directions arrow and take action quickly and accurately. If you fail in a jump, the opponent will take the opportunity to pass and leave you behind. A few short seconds can also change the outcome of the race. So you have to limit mistakes.

Rush is also a running game designed with simple interface and very addictive gameplay, in Rush you will control your ball running on sparkling arcs, overcome obstacles and try Go as long as possible.

Run Race 3D gives players many different types of maps. Each map requires you to show your own skills. Besides do not forget to collect coins on the track, improve your rankings by defeating opponents to win and receive rewards. You can also use coins to change the character’s appearance with clothes, skins and many other factors.

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