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Rise Of Kingdoms (RoK) is a title game that owns many features of the famous Clash of Clans before. In this game, you will become a powerful master of the mecca, through upgrading the architecture for economic development.

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Some main creative features of Rise of Kingdoms:

Build an army

+ Gather both old and new friends, build the top mighty Alliance to conquer new, best and free military strategy games on the App Store

+ Build empires, train soldiers, then lead them in the PVP war against friends or players across five continents.
Developing forces, commanding them to defeat the enemy and win on each front

Explore the wilderness

+ Sneak into monsters that appear throughout lands and caves, find opportunities to kill or win them to improve their skills and claim they belong to you

+ Discover many mysterious dungeons inside the ruins of the defeated kings, face the Dark Guard Team – Dark Guards to discover the wealth of the ancient people.

The rise of a kingdom

+ If you love PvP challenges, this is an opportunity to satisfy your passion and prove your ability in fierce fronts against the strongest Lords in Realm.
+ Develop, build, train faster and then put it all on the road against the terrifying Orcs army, Grimm Raider Clan disgust and many other ambitious warlords
+ Find everything you need to rebel and become an outstanding king.

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