Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD

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Download Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD Free 

Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD for Android is a tower defense game that challenges veteran players, extremely addictive. Players will get lost in a magical world filled with magic, where the heroes fight the Death Knights and with many warriors, dragons, witches, frosts queen and ancient gods to protect the kingdom peace.

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Some main features of Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD:

+ Cartoon characters and stunning

+ 100+ levels with various game play modes

+ The world is diverse, each with 4 different towers

+ Powerful heroes with unique abilities to aid you: Fee the Archer launches a deadly Kill Shot, Lancelot the Knight unleashes the Fist of Justice, Smoulder the Dragon rains down Heat Seeker fireballs and many more

+ Compete in the tournament to show off the tower defense skills and win big prizes

Use your intelligence, your strategic mind to overcome all the disadvantages ahead. Rescue the innocent villagers, collect important resources, recruit legendary heroes with deadly energy along the way to discourage the evil conspirator’s dominance in this exciting defense game.

Download Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD and start playing for free today!

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