Plunder Pirates

Plunder Pirates game free download

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Plunder Pirates game free download

Plunder Pirates is a free mobile games, which lets you send your pirate crew against your rivals and loot them for their treasures. Build and enhance your pirate island, defend your territories, and gather your crew for the night is ripe for plundering your rivals.

Plunder Pirates features a 3D pirate island where you must protect & defend it from invaders, gather your motley crew of seafaring scoundrels, explore the nearby island and prepare to battle the pirate captain residing there and plunder their loot & resources, then join a pirate guild for more rewards.

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Some main creative features of Plunder Pirates:

– SEE your island from every angle in killer 3D graphics.

– STORM other players’ islands in real time and plunder their booty!

– BUILD an epic 3D pirate island fortified impenetrable defenses and plenty of firepower.

– EXPLORE uncharted waters in your mighty pirate ship.

– FIGHT naval battles with gruesome sea monsters and enemy ships.

– RECRUIT a crew from 10 different classes of seafaring scoundrels – each with unique skills.

– UPGRADE everything! Sail farther, get stronger, do more damage, protect your gold.

– JOIN a Pirate Guild with your friends for Guild perks. Plan your exploits in guild chat.

– COLLECT Legendary Pirates – The most notorious plunderers ever known!

Download Plunder Pirates and start playing for free today!

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