Pirate Legends TD

Pirate Legends TD game free download

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Pirate Legends TD game free download

Pirate Legends TD is a free strategy game for the Android, which lets you defend your self from the imperial navy as you navigate your ship on the Caribbean sea.

Pirate Legends TD with with stunning visuals and hours of fun for free, you will have to navigate your ship through the deadly waters of the Caribbean sea, defend your ship from the evil Imperial Navy, hungry cannibals, and the undead horde.

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Some main creative features of Pirate Legends TD:

– Stunning visuals and animations

– 3 difficulty modes and for the bravest pirates: epic challenges!

– Defend your ship against against 30+ different enemies and 4 terrifying bosses

– 5 heroes with unique skills!

– 20 unique towers with special abilities and 2 upgrade paths

– In-game encyclopedia, 36 achievements, easter eggs… hours of action-defense gameplay await you mateys!

Download Pirate Legends TD and start playing for free today!

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