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Game N.O.V.A Legacy Free Download

N.O.V.A Legacy is the latest FPS version of the N.O.V.A series of mobile, launching Gameloft’s comeback. A kind of highly operational game, and easy to play on the touch screen devices. Left side of the screen mastering direction, while right side for shooting. The great graphics will bring you the most realistic 3D FPS experience based on the first episode of the epic N.O.V.A. Famous – all packed in a gunshot version.

Story background of game N.O.V.A Legacy.

With the help of Yelena, his own Artificial Intelligence Service, Kal is armed with ammunition pistols ready for war with alien invaders to protect the destiny of mankind. At the same time unveiling the secret behind the surprise attack of the Alien army.

Kal Wardin, our hero, Marine Corps N.O.V.A Legacy. The veteran was summoned to put on his armor to storm the battlefield against Colonial headquarters.

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Some main feature of game N.O.V.A. Legacy:

– Enjoy the N.O.V.A. Original graphics with fiery 3D graphics and outstanding gameplay.

– Fabricate and upgrade modern fiction guns and weapons by collecting cards, from long-range sniper rifles to plasma guns with destructive power. The right equipment is extremely important!

– An offline and addictive online shooting experience based on Gameloft’s legendary FPS shooting genre and Modern Combat genre.

– If you do not like confronting other gunners, you can still shoot the gun in offline offline campaign to protect the Earth from Aliens everywhere.

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