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My free farm 2 game free download

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My free farm 2 game free download

My free farm 2 is a free adventure game for the Android. Manage your own beautiful farm situated in a beautiful corner of the world. Grow agricultural plants an farm animals. Do different tasks and supply your customers with high-quality goods in this game for Android. Construct a variety of industrial buildings in order to process your crops and produce the desired goods. Deliver products to customers on truck or ships. Spend the money on improving your farm, adding new buildings, and buying useful and beautiful objects.

In the 3D game My Free Farm 2, you slip into the role of a virtual farmer and establish your own agricultural property with fruitful fields, adorable animals and production plants. My Free Farm 2 is a standalone app with a completely new game world, available exclusively as an iPad and tablet app. Cultivate up to 20 plants on your farm property – ranging from onions and cucumbers to exotics such as sugar cane –, keep, care for and feed 6 different animal species, process your crops at 15 different production sites and embellish your farm with countless enchanting decorations.

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Some main creative features of My Free Farm 2:

– 20 types of plants

– Keep and care for 8 different animal species

– Several camera angles

– Process your products at 15 different production sites

– Decorate your farm with beautiful decorations and expand it

Download My Free Farm 2 and start playing for free today!

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