Monster City

Monster City game free download

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Monster City game free download

Monster City is a Adventure game. In a world of monsters, you play god and control their actions and where they live. Build your virtual world of monsters and have them live in different sorts of habitats. Choose their species and have them cross-breed. There are exciting monsters to unlock each level and more coming in everyday.

You get to play your own music in the background while playing the Monster City. Visit your friends’ monsters. And that it also has an Auto Screensaver Mode if you left your device untouched for a while.

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Some main creative features of Monster City:

-Monster egg and baby

-Common, Rare and Legendary monsters

-Exciting monsters to unlock at every level and more species coming everyday

-Exciting and surprising cross-breedable monsters to create legends

-Add multiple islands for different habitats

-Move and rearrange

-Battle at different Monster Worlds

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