Modern Command

Modern Command game free download

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Modern Command game free download

Modern Command is a free strategy game for the Android, which lets you put up defense bases all over the world, destroy all those who tries to invade, protect your base from invaders.

In Modern Command, you will have to build a base that defends the Earth’s plutonium supplies, research new tech and keep upgrading your defenses, then fight off lots of enemies trying to destroy you. And when the going gets tough, call in the special ordinance to aid you.

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Some main creative features of Modern Command:

  • Call in special ordinances to aid you in tough battles
  • Simple touch commands give you full control of each 3D battlefield
  • Tons of achievements, objectives and daily missions to complete
  • Complete missions to earn experience and rank up
  • Run your operations from MCA Headquarters and research and build new technologies
  • Protect your base as you join the fight to control the Earth’s Protonium supply
  • Co-ordinate and unite with friends via Facebook to increase your base’s productivity
  • Fight off terrorist threats in South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and more

Download Modern Command and start playing for free today!

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