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This game Lego Ninjago tournament is free games download, defeat your opponents using unique abilities. Meet legendary Ninja heroes and accept them to your party in this game for Android. Take one of the heroes to the tournament arena and fight against numerous enemies. Show your mastery of the Ninjutsu art. Unlock unique abilities of your heroes and control various elements. Improve your favorite characters increasing their performance and learning new skills.

Lego Ninjago tournament  is Utilize your Ninja Training to unlock your True Potential, and defeat the other Elemental Masters! You’ve been invited to enter Master Chen’s Tournament of Elements.
Face-off against the all new Elemental Masters, each with their own unique abilities.
Battle in Chen’s Arena against well known enemies from the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjtsu TV Series.
Level up your characters; the more you use them, the stronger they become!
Unlock your favorite characters, including Sensei Garmadon, Snike and Mindroid!
Unleash the Power of Spinjitsu to blast your way through waves of opponents!
Face a mysterious new foe…For app support contact LEGO Consumer Service.

Lego Ninjago tournament game– participate in the tournament of master Chen and fight powerful Elemental Masters. There are glitches where the bosses or enemies will get stuck in place or stuck jumping up and down. Also, when you’re fighting Master Chen, he doesn’t use Paleman’s power at all. He also turns into Shade when he uses his power? He should just be a shadow version of himself, not of the person he took the powers from, right? Anyway… I think you should also add Tox and Camille into the bosses. Possibly Skylar, too. They are far more important than Ronin ever was in the 4th season. This game is really really fun besides all that and I love it very much and hold Ninjago as Devil Ninja dear to me. Thank you for making it and reading this review. 

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