LandGrabbers: Strategy Game

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Download LandGrabbers: Strategy Game Free

Are you ready to spend hours glued to your Tablet, capturing the enemy fortresses and the surrounding land, and forming militias? 
Imagine that you are in the Middle Ages. It’s the time of castles, knights and the Crusades. Now imagine that you are a brilliant military leader with your own troops. What could prevent you from conquering the world? Perhaps just a lack of free time. 

The game gives you a mix of strategy, time management & tower defense gameplay which is set on the middle ages & the crusades that lets you try to capture castles, towers and try to keep it as other factions or armies will try to take it away from you also.

This addictive game is a unique genre that combines classic elements of strategy, simulator, and resource management games. Get ready to play lots gripping levels in the woods, in the desert, the snow and even on the flying islands!

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Some main features of LandGrabbers: Strategy Game:

– Lots of levels in different diverse locations

– Dozens of magical artifacts to work your magic

– Gorgeous graphics and catchy soundtrack create a medieval atmosphere

– Unique level mapping design for deeper tactic capabilities

– Three incredible enemy armies

– Three difficulty levels that will challenge even experienced strategy experts

– Five types of buildings with unique features to attack or defend from the enemy

LandGrabbers, recognized as the Best Casual Game of the Year at the 2011 Russian Game Developers Conference (KRI 2011)!

Download the LandGrabbers: Strategy Game now and conquer all the castles.