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Lair Defense: Shrine is a free strategy game, games action-packed and graphics worthy tower defense game that takes it players into a fantasy world, where humans and dragons fight for survival.Greedy humans are invading dragon’s world again! They’re well armed, and will not stop until they destory dragon’s world. Since then, the war between humans and dragons begun and only one hero can stop the unjustly war that broke the harmony and piece within the two races.

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Lair Defense: Shrine puts its players in the shoe of the hero that will stop the war. Using different Dragons and spells, the goal is to protect the sacred dragon lair against hoards of enemy thieves, druids and mages that tries to steal the eggs. As the game progresses, the hoards of enemies becomes tougher and immune to Dragon and spell attacks, so players must place their dragons effectively to win the game.

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