Labyrinth Puzzles: Maze-A-Maze

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Download Game Labyrinth Puzzles: Maze-A-Maze Free

Labyrinth Puzzles: Maze-A-Maze is an amazing labyrinth puzzle game featuring realistic physics and fun gameplay with numerous challenging stages that get tougher as you progress the game. Exercise your brain in this superb Maze puzzle game!

How to play game Labyrinth Puzzles: Maze-A-Maze:

 – Collect stars and complete each maze puzzle by moving the ball to the minotaur.

 – Complete the level in the shortest time to gain a higher score!

 – Use your mobile device’s accelerometer based tilt controls or touch based Joystick to control the the ball to the minotaur in the maze puzzle.

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Levels 1-10: A set of simple physics based puzzles to get you started playing the game. A few levels have moving blocks that require you to time the way you move the ball.

Levels 11-20: Introducing Red areas! You need to manoeuvre the ball with precision in these levels. Touching the red areas reset you to the starting position. These levels are more challenging, puzzling and will test your patience.

Levels 21-30: Introducing bullet sprayers, controllable blocks, exploding blocks and more! These levels are tougher than the previous levels and require you to have a strategy to complete each level.

Labyrinth Puzzles: Maze-A-Maze is a beautiful casual game with challenging time-limited maze puzzles. The difficulty level of each maze puzzle increases with every level. The game gets very hard after the initial levels, be prepared to encounter ultimate puzzles that are crazy hard and scary. Collect all the 3 stars in every level to unlock additional achievements!

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