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Kho kho and kabaddi are popular tag sports in India. A Kho Kho match is played between 2 teams each team consisting of 12 players. A match consists of two innings. In an innings, each team gets seven minutes for chasing and seven for defending.

Kho Kho is contact sport like kabaddi. Kho Kho Game is our effort to bring a realtime experience of playing kho kho on mobile and tab. Kho Kho game features realistic 3D Kho Kho environment and game play. 

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Attacker team seats/kneel in the middle of ground with adjecant player facing opposite direction, active chaser (attacker) begin chasing the defender by following him in the ground.

In pursuit of the defender attacker can only take direction once he is given kho, he can move in the ground that he is facing to, attacker can only change direction by going to the pole. Defender can run anywhere in the ground and if survives till the end of inning defender is declared as winner. 

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