Jungle Hero

Jungle Hero game free download

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Jungle Hero game free download

Jungle Hero is a Adventure game, 2D platform where the main character is a monkey and he is after his random coin collection. The monkey hero is ultra-active and super flexible: he can do amazing actions like dash, dodge, jump, and glide to get his coins!

Jungle hero is made of different game levels; each is unique with new level of challenge and awesome dynamics. In the last level of each world the Hero will have to defeat the final boss with different powers and abilities….

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Some main creative features of  Jungle Hero:

  • Action packed platform game
  • Explore a large game world filled with dangers
  • Beautiful graphics and responsive animations
  • Challenging Enemies and Bosses
  • Numerous Weapons and Power-ups
  • Hidden levels in every world
  • Incremental rewards everyday

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