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Jungle Adventure Game Free

Jungle Adventure is an adventure game. You control Waffle Boy across the jungle terrain, you can climb and swing on ropes, drive vehicles and throw stuff at the baddies.Jump on the big insects to disable them for a while, avoid touching them though as they will hurt you. Use the ‘D’ key to throw an object or get out of a vehicle. Be careful not to fall from a great height as it will hurt. Also do not fall into the water or you will drown.

Jungle Adventure  game, evil Lion Monster has captured Matt’s princess. You have to help Matt rescue the princess. Dodge all the creatures sent by Lion Monster& teach Lion Monster a lesson.

Help your hero in this awesome free mobile games and clear all the challenging stages to score maximum points. Be aware of various enemies and obstacles throughout the way. Try to jump on the robots to shut them down. Also avoid touching them, as they cause damage which eventually leads to lose of attempt. Furthermore, jump on vehicles to ride and climb the ropes where necessary. Go ahead and explore various exciting levels…

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