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Guns'n'Glory FREE game download

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Guns’n’Glory FREE game download

Guns’n’Glory FREE is a free strategy game for the Android by HandyGames which is a Wild West defense game – Defense Strategy-Action game in a Wild West scenario with Guns, flaming arrows, dynamite and cannons and More than 15 types of enemies and units!

In Guns’n’Glory FREE, you must take strategic locations & positions  and lie in wait at the canyon to ambush settlers, stagecoaches and the gold train. Form your own gang of thieves and outlaws by recruiting cowboys, crazy Mexicans and brave Indians.

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Some main creative features of Guns’n’Glory FREE

– More than 15 types of enemies and units

– Upgrade bandits to 3 levels

– Defense Strategy-Action game with mobile units

– Bonus chests for gold nuggets and power-ups

– Supports App 2 SD

– 60 leaded levels

– Guns, flaming arrows, dynamite and cannons

– High Noon highscore function

– Auto balancing for saddle-weary or brave gunslingers

– Wild West scenario

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