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Gods Rush game free download

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Gods Rush game free download

 Gods Rush is a strategy game developed by IGG.com for android and iOS devices.The game combines unique tactical combat with classic RPG elements. It is great for players who like to grind to get stronger and compete with other players.

Gods Rush is a strategy role-playing game. Set in ancient Greece, you get to lead your own team of heroes and go on quests, fight against monsters, and wage battles against other heroes. Your goal is to have the strongest heroes among heroes by enhancing their equipment, leveling them up, ascension, and evolving them.

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Some main creative features of Gods Rush

Guide a team of Gods, heroes, and monsters on a quest of epic proportions!

Unearth rare armor and relics to evolve your characters!

Unleash otherworldly skills to crush your enemies on the battlefield!

Gotta collect ’em all! Try to gather the complete pantheon of Greek Gods and villains!

Battle players across the globe or try to survive the Gauntlet!

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