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Global Assault Game free download

Global Assault is android games free download, which lets you gather a squad based RPG with brilliant 3D graphics and perform combat missions against other players worldwide.

Global Assault with amazing 3D graphics, thousands of players around the globe, with events that has valuable rewards, and turn based combat system. You must create your units, upgrade their weapons & armors with each having their own abilities in combat and equip them with special items to make them stronger. Create your own various types of armored units and compete against the best in the world.

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Some main creative features of Global Assault:

✔ Join hundreds of thousands of other players around the world!

✔ Train powerful armies to battles against enemy rebels!

✔ Conquer enemies across the globe!

✔ Upgrade, research and fuse powerful units to strengthen your Army!

 ✔ Participate in Events and win valuable rewards!

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