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Gboard is a keyboard application for both Android and iOS operating systems that makes data entry faster and more convenient than regular keyboards, Gboard supports finding and sending all search results from Google, You can also find gif and share photos with animated Emoji.

Gboard – The Google Keyboard 2

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Main features of Gboard:

– Google keyboard application for phones and tablets

– Quick input by sliding your finger

– Voice input

– Search and share everything from Google

– Find and share gif and emoji photos

– Multilingual data entry

Not only is a smart, multi-function keyboard, Gboard also guarantees user privacy. All search and input information on the keyboard will be encrypted to avoid leaking outside. When searching on Google, the application only sends the command to the Google server to process the command and then returns the result. It also only sends data in an anonymous form so that Google can handle errors when it crashes or statistics the most frequently used features.

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