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Gangstar Vegas is the exciting and addictive third-person shooter game from Gameloft, which has created such iconic shooters as Six-Guns, Blitz Brigade and especially the Modern Combat series.

In Gangstar Vegas – mafia game you can do almost anything you want on the streets of this city. You can attack any passers-by using many kinds of weapons such as: machine-guns, shotguns, handguns… or you can also drive all sorts of vehicles, like trucks, police cars, sports cars, and many more.

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Some main feature of Gangstar Vegas – mafia game:

– Supports multiple play modes

– Graphics and music peak

– Excursions in the city of casinos – Las Vegas:

+ The player plays an MMA fighter and participates in a blockbuster movie called Gangstar Vegas.

+ The game’s main storyline has 80 different missions. Player will have to carry out murders, car chases, and kidnappings; do business deals; and much more. At any time during these missions, you can also ask to be sent more weapons and vehicles.

– Available arsenal of huge weapons:

+ Players can use a variety of weapons such as gas bombs, spray guns and many other types.

+ You will have the opportunity to visit Las Vegas on the bunker vehicles such as heavy trucks, military jet or legendary “muscle” car.

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