GameTime Football w/ Mike Vick

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GameTime Football w/ Mike Vick free download

GameTime Football w/ Mike Vick is an American football video game that can be played on Android mobile phones and tablets with a famous player Mike Vick. Create an unbeatable team in this Android game. Enter into contracts with football players, each with unique characteristics and features. Train your players and level them up.  Control your football team on the field. Use a variety of stunts and tricks to deceive opponents and score goals.

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Some main active features of GameTime Football w/ Mike Vick :

 – Spin, Jump, Juke, and Dive with intuitive finger swipe controls. When all else fails, barrel through your opponents with the brutal truck move.

 – Play against opponents starting in the Rookie tournament, and finishing with the Hall of Fame. Can you attain the coveted Legendary status?

 – Build your team through free agency acquisitions and train your players to maximize their on-field performance!

 – Build a playbook that takes advantage of your player’s strengths. Combine the right plays with the right players in this sports game and BOOM, you’re the “Greatest Show on Turf”!

 – Extend a play with a QB scramble when no one is open!

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