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Download Game Zombie Call: Dead FPS Shooter free

Game Zombie Call: Death Shooter FPS is shooting games free download for your mobile. Get ready to find out in this epic action shooter.

– Win an epic campaign

– Fight and kill powerful boss

– Grab a mini gun and relieve zombie soldiers from their duty

– Shoot tons of bullets with many powerful guns

– Shoot your way through the zombie filled battlefields


It’s 1945 and you are an elite commando sent behind enemy lines. Your mission is to find and destroy a secret facility hidden lab in the woods. Your commander briefed you on the basis of need to know – you may not know that the enemy was moving corpses into bloodthirsty zombies. When all hell broke lose your goal becomes survival.

AWESOME gameplay

Traveling on a train fight and protect themselves from an endless onslaught of enemy zombies. Unlock guns original and useful for handling all kinds of enemies stronger. Your health innovation with first aid kits and decimate your enemies with grenades.


Choose if you want to take down your targets with a precision pistol or a small gun fast. All fans of fast-paced fun game will have something for them to enjoy. A selection of gun awaits you, so take the weapon of choice and head right into the action.

Maximum firepower

Freeing some breathing space from the dead with a powerful grenade. Just target with simple control and shoot any survivors. shooting game that will allow you to enter a dark and cold world of perpetual war with zombie soldiers in the world of Hellgate.


Zombie killing game is never so fun and innovative! War in this free game is dynamic as it is. You can not hesitate – you can win or die. Your actions will determine the outcome of this war. Save for civilians dead from becoming zombie food.


Save the world from an outbreak of elite soldiers turned into a zombie. Become the ultimate commando in a war against evil. Zombie dead soldiers know no honor, duty, only hunger. When you are walking among the dead Your only option is to kill. Shoot your enemies like a cod in a barrel! Show no mercy as soldiers who died only one goal – to eat your brain.


Lock and load and jump right into the action zombie shooter set in an incredible battle detailed World War II. Act as a contract killer in cold blood to the zombies. you will come out alive to save the world?


Get ready to win additional prizes in daily contests. Try your luck and take the prize. You can also earn money through the game’s unique achievements reward you for excellent performance in the execution of their duties. Use it also to multiply your success in the game.

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