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Download Game Truth or Dare Free

Truth or Dare is the best Truth or Dare experience on android! It is the one of the most popular , ancient and evergreen intresting game that can make anybody fill with enthusiasm . It is of all ages one child can play with his grandfather and grandfather can play with his son.

Play truth or dare with your friends and have a great time. Our app has over 300 truth and dares and have the capability of playing 7 players at a time by which you and your freinds feel like they are trapped , so get ready and enjoy one of the best Truth Or Dare game ever played.

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Some main active features of Truth or Dare:

 – Hundreds of truths and dares

 – Add your own dares

 – ‘Make it dirty’ mode to make things a little hotter

Download Pro version for more excitement and real feeling. Make the party come alive with Truth or Dare!

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