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Stealth Helicopter Fighter War Download

Stealth helicopters are helicopters that incorporate stealth technology to avoid detection. In recent years, designs for blades have emerged that can significantly reduce noise, which is a major issue for clandestine use of helicopters. Contest of Warfare Gunships Take hold of one the best in class stealth helicopters in the world, against the might of heavy bombarding panzer tanks across deadly battlefields.

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Fight your way through the iconic Iraqi desert, facing rough environmental conditions like sandstorms, rain and thunderstorms and emerge as the last gunship left standing.The set of five intense combating action levels will take players through the iconic deserts of Iraqi battlefields, with an immersive and high octane air to land shooting exchange, as the elite panzer tank force attempts to track and destroy you.


– Wide range of weapons for the helicopter, including guided missiles, short range rockets and rapid firing Gatling guns.

– Radar tracking system and artificial intelligence systems for enemies.

– High Class Stealth helicopter navigational and assault controls

– Five challenging missions with variable weather conditions across the deserts of Iraqi battlefield.

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