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Game Star Wars™: Commander Free Download

Star Wars: Commander is one of the hit strategy games produced by Disney and released. Based on the storyline of the classic Star Wars series, Star Wars Star Wars, this android game promises to bring gamers the best possible experience.

Game Star Wars is set in the midst of a civil war in the galaxy, between the Rebelion, the fighters for freedom and the empire. galaxy suite. After downloading the free android star wars commander for android, players will choose to join one of the two camps and build their own army and base. You will lead your troops to capture other galactic bases and prove you are the best Commander in this war of war.

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Some main features of game Star Wars: Commander:

+ Attractive gameplay, attractive tactics. In the game players can choose either 1 of the main or mainstream. You will return to the Emperor and follow the instructions given by the Galatic Empire or alongside the rebellious heroes like Han Solo and Princess Leia.

+ Build and protect your space base: Depending on which wing you choose, the player will be building an army of different groups. You can build and reinforce military buildings such as navigation shields, turrets, heavy artillery and other structures to protect your space base against attacks from other players. More specifically, the star wars commander on android can join allies with friends or gamers, build a powerful military force and advance to other bases.

+ Lead the way into historical battles: The player will decide who should move, what team, where. Depending on your keen military mind, the troop will have a great track record or vice versa, disaster failure. It is advisable for the commander to study the enemy well before deciding to send troops.

+ Upgrading the Army’s offensive and defensive capabilities: For each of its troop groups, Star Wars: Commander players can upgrade several times to improve their combat and defense capabilities. Regular upgrades will help your troops get better before each space war.

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