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Snakes And Ladders 3D is the ONLY 3D board game out there featuring Multi Tapable 3D Rolling Dice Technology… What does this mean to you? It means, for the first time – Snakes & Ladders 3D allows you to apply your dice rolling skills in real life fashion which other single touch games just can’t!!! Experience the best life like Snakes & Ladders 3D board game EVER…

Roll the dice and hope for the best, as a lucky roll will help you climb the stairs of a mystic castle while a not-so-lucky one will throw you in the coil of a large snake that sends you back.

The goal is to be the first that climbs all 100 stairs. All players begin the game on the starting square and if, after a dice roll they land on the lower-numbered end of a Ladder, they will be moved up to the ladder’s higher-numbered step. However, if the player lands on the high-number step of a snake, it will move down to the snake’s lower-numbered step.

Snakes Ladders – The fantasy of every child comes alive with this amazing Snakes And Ladders 3D board game! You can re-live the thrilling experience of Snakes & Ladders game set in a beautifully rendered 3D environment with breath-taking animations.

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Main features of Snakes And Ladders 3D:

 – Classic Gameplay. Snakes and Ladders follows the classic gameplay of the ancient board game. Up to 4 players take turns to roll a dice and climb the stairs of a mysterious castle. Luck makes the difference, if you roll the dice and end up on a ladder you’ll be beamed forward, but there’s a chance you could be unlucky and end up moved back by a scary snake

 – Different Characters. There are up to 8 different 3D avatars users can pick to play this board game with. From the elegant girl Sky to the cool boy named Razor there are plenty characters you can pick, each with its own characteristics. There are 3 different types of dice to play with as well as 15 different game boards which makes the game fun to play for the long term.

 – Stunning 3D Graphics. Players see a Board view of the game with all 100 numbered steps and snakes or ladders along the way. Once the dice is rolled, view switches to a beautifully rendered 3D castle scene. Each player is represented in 3D as it advances through the castle, with enthralling animations for snakes & ladders. The action can be accelerated to 2x in real-time to speed up the animations.

 – Snake And Ladders 3D is free to play with no in-app purchases thus one tap away from re-living childhood memories with friends or family. Join 10,000 other players and stay tuned as there are many more new exciting features planned, such as the Online/WiFi multi-player mode to play against others via Internet, more characters & animations plus helpful pets.

 – Single or Multiplayer Mode. The game can be played in single player mode, player versus bot, but the fun comes when playing against friends. Play with 2, 3 or even 4 of your friends on the same device to see who can get first to the top of the castle by climbing all 100 steps.

 – Captivating Audio. Snake and Ladders comes with amazing sounds and sound effects that make the game even more exciting to play. From the sounds of the realistic dice roll, to the scary sound of the hissing snakes, you’ll enjoy every bit!

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