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Experience playing with adventurous ocean life players Shark , Scuba diver , Swimmer and cute mermaid simulator. Sea life animals simulators are outstanding! They are in the Deep Ocean so take up your responsibility as the ultimate ocean hero because this game will bring you a chance to treat ocean & aqua animals and creatures.

Let’s play Sea Adventure 2016 to experience the aquatic life as a wild underwater predator white shark in this cute mermaid and shark attack game.

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There are four sea life characters Shark , Scuba diver , Swimmer and princess mermaid to attack on Whale, Shark, Squid, Crab & Star Fish.

Play as a killer shark & show your skills by killing & hunting swimmers in the deep sea or on beaches in this sea adventure games. Create wounds and scars on their whole body and dead down them in a given time period for your survival or perish forever in sims 3D assault extreme sea adventure.

The mermaid was roaming into the great and magical world of ocean. She was so involved deeply that she has come very far away from her castle. She also didn’t remember the way back to home. She is now alone in the deep ocean, far from her castle and forgets the way back. Now you have to help her to find her way back to castle and save the cute little mermaid.

Play Shark Attack Spear Fishing, the latest 3D shark simulator game. Become a scuba diver and shoot harpoon from your speargun to hunt hungry sharks underwater. This beautiful mermaid have amazing mermaid spell!

Now it’s up to you that how you play this game and help the mermaid to get back to her castle. Be a swimmer and Survive in brutal underwater environment and beware of wild shark attack. Besides seahorse, lionfish or clownfish, ocean life is full of ferocious inhabitants like carnivorous shark, orca whale and star fish.

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