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Score! World Goals is a rather peculiar soccer game. Instead of playing full games, your goal is to recreate some of the most famous goals of all time by controlling different national teams from all over the world. Top 10 Sports Game in over 50 Countries including UK, Japan, Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, Germany & France!

Have you got what it takes to score the match winning goal? Recreate your favourite goals in this unique football based puzzle game. Football fan or not, this app will keep you entertained for hours!

The game is divided into more than 200 different levels spread out over four decades. You will step into the shoes of some of the world’s greatest players of all time as they complete their masterpieces. These goals range from Iniesta’s goal during the World Cup Final to the famous foul by Roberto Carlos against France, including Macedonia’s goal against England during the Olympics.

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Some main features of Game Score! World Goals:

AMAZING GRAPHICS AND SOUND: Score! World Goals features an ultra-realistic graphics engine which combines with retina displays to make an even more eye-popping, console-like experience than ever seen before. Over 500 motion-captured animations guarantee unparalleled levels of authenticity, whilst captivating audio and authentic commentary put you right in the heart of the action.

SUPER INTUITIVE GAMEPLAY: Score! World Goals features a huge range of challenges to tax the most skilled football player. Players can pass, cross and shoot using the intuitive swipe mechanics whilst controls enable sensational top-corner shots. Smart defensive artificial intelligence will react to shots and passes, making you feel like you’re part of the action.

A STREAM OF NEW AND UPDATED CONTENT: Score! World Goals will stay fresh and exciting with new levels being updated regularly. There’s also a Goal of the Day competition giving you reason to come back each and every day!

Score! World Goals is a fun sports game. Moreover, it’s an unusual game. While it may not be very interesting for people who aren’t into soccer, it will be an absolute joy for fans of the game.

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