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Game Rummy 45 free download

Game Rummy 45 free download is an online Romanian Traditional Rummy Game. The rules of the game are slight different from the original rummi kub game.

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How to play game Rummy 45 :

– The game starts with 106 rummy tiles. Every player has to form valid rummy tile formations (ex: 12-12-12 or 3-4-5).

– Every tile from 1 to 9 equals 5 points and tiles from 10 to 1 equal 10 points. You need at least 45 points to place your tiles on the table and score.

– After placing the cards down the Joker tiles give 50 points each and number 1 tiles give 25 points each.

– When it’s your turn you need to draw a tile from where the arrow shows you or draw a tile from the row above.

– At the end of your turn you need to place a tile for the next players over the row from above.

– The game ends when you have only one tile on your board (called the closure tile).

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