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Download Game Racers Vs Cops : Multiplayer Free

Game Racers Vs Cops : Multiplayerfree racing games download – You do not only try to escape from police cars, but also you can be a police and get high scores by pursuing and giving damage to street racers. Moreover, throughout multi-player manner you can ethnic background along with additional drivers and turn into the best highway racing. Create your choice, be described as a law enforcement officials as well as racing and ethnic background throughout highway.

How to play Game Racers Vs Cops : Multiplayer:

Racers :

 – You need to be very fast to escape from police cars. Police cars will try to block you, so you need to be carefull.

 – Your car will be damaged when you crash in not only police cars but also other cars in traffic and when your car has too much damage, you will lose the game.

 – You will get points when your car pass other cars closely and when you get rid of police cars.

Police :

Follow racers and try to block them by crashing during race.

When health of racers drop down to zero they will be disqualified and you will get points.

Be careful that you should hit the racers not usual traffic cars.

Otherwise you will lose health and lose the game.

The more you disqualify the racers the higher you get score.

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Cars :

You can get one of tens of cars in many different make and model and in either super sports or classics collections. You can unlock more and more cars with your points so that you can be fastest racer.

You can play as driver or police in multiplayer mode with your friends and other real players.

If you choose being police, you need to disqualify the racer during play. If you choose being racer, you need to finish in time without being disqualified by police.

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