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Download Game Open Puzzle Box Free

Game Open Puzzle Box is mobile games free download for Android. A new puzzle game that you’ve never experienced before has been released. This puzzle mechanics are simple, but unique enough to capture your interest.

Take on the challenge now: an endless series of mystery boxes awaits you.

Main features of Game Open Puzzle Box:

 – A variety of puzzles and tricks that require unique thinking

 – Intuitive UI and simple controls

 – Simple game rules that everyone can immediately grasp

 – Multiple difficulty levels

 – Various stage objectives that excite and challenge you

 – A wide selection of stages that are continuously updated

How to play Game Open Puzzle Box:

 – Use touch, drag, and dual-touch functions to solve puzzles of locked mysterious boxes.

 – Opening boxes may sound simple, but can get very tricky.

 – To triumph, you’ll have to think outside the box.

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