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Ninja Fishing Game Download

The Ninja Fishing game is now available on Android! Join over 16 milion Ninja Fishing players for free download games!

If you’ve ever played Clumsy Ninja and wished the game had more, then Ninja Fishing is for you. You can now use those slicing skills to earn yourself some virtual currency, buy better katanas and other wares, and soon you’ll be on your way to becoming a ninja master. Well, a ninja master fisherman.

Each round of Ninja Fishing has three main parts. First, you must drop your hook into the water and let it sink as far down as possible. The lower you can get to the ocean floor, the rarer the fish become. At first, you’ll only get minnows which are worth very few coins, but soon you’ll be seeing rainbow fish or eels.  After your hook has reached the surface, your ninja avatar will throw the fish into the air. Now comes the slicing. Using your finger, you must slice as many fish as possible. .

Ninja Fishing  featurea:
+ Find Treasure chets with goodies.
+ Over *130* fish species to collect.
+ Earn Gold to buy lots of super upgrades like katanas, boats, fishing guides & more.
+ Go fishing in 6 Islands (+ more coming soon)
+ Hunt rare Elemental Dragons!
+ Super addictive Fish & Slash gameplay!
+ Master both tilt & touch controls to perfection.
+ Super-sharp HD graphics.
+ Achievements & Leaderboards for Google Play!
+ Collect over 80 rare treasures!
+ Construct cool buildings in the Ninja Village

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