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Game Need for Speed™ Network free download

Need for Speed™ Network – a top best sport game for android. Download Need for Speed™ Network now for free.

The Need for Speed™ Network is your destination for all things Need for Speed and has been updated with exciting new content for you to connect to Need For Speed™ Rivals – Ghost Games newest Need For Speed title. The App keeps you connected to your Need For Speed™ Rivals game on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PS4 and Xbox One at all times.

When you start playing Need for Speed™ Rivals your online status is visible to your cross platform friends on the Need for Speed™ Network map – see your Friends in Real Time playing Need for Speed™ Rivals!
Use the power of Autolog to automatically collect and share your stats and activity with your Friends on the Need for Speed™ Network. You and your Friends can compare and compete on Autolog Speedwalls which include your Need for Speed™ Rivals event times. Connect, Compare and Compete. Risk everything in the ultimate rivalry

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Navigator Mode

When you’re playing Need for Speed™ Rivals on your console you can use Need For Speed™ Network in Navigator mode as a second screen to view the world map, see where your friends are in Redview County and set Waypoints to the event you want to play next.


Compare and compete with your friends to be the hottest Rival in Redview County and experience a whole new way to play – OverWatch. OverWatch allows you and your Friends to join each others multiplayer world and interact with each other from your mobile, tablet or the web to continue the Rivalry.

Download Need For Speed™ Network and start playing for free today!

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