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Play as the CIA’s finest or the KGBs best in the new 3D multiplayer action-based adventure game, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – Mission: Berlin. The game is set in a city that can be explored freely on foot or by car.

Your task is to stop an international criminal organization that wants to start a new world war. Follow the villains and save the hostages. Steal cars, chase enemies, or escape from the chase. Fight using various weapons.

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Some main features of Game Mission: Berlin:


  • Cold war
  • Spy history
  • Interesting story
  • 2 characters
  • Great graphics

This game has been designed for fast devices. Graphics quality settings can be changed in the settings menu.

Mission: Berlin is a 3D sandbox game that’s just like GTA (Grand Theft Auto). It comes with the Warner Bros’ stamp of approval and all the charisma of Guy Ritchie’s new movie.

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