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Download Game Mastermind Free

Mastermind is a board game free download: a secret code is given, and you must figure it out using guesses and the hints provided on the puzzle.

In case you don’t remember, the object of Mastermind is to try to discover your player’s secret ‘code’, which is made of a sequence of four different colors. In order to make a guess you need to place your colored counters onto the board in the order you think they appear on your opponent’s code.

Your computer opponent will then indicate whether you’ve got the colors in the right places by using a sequence of pins. You must guess your opponent’s code within 8 moves or the game is over.

Real Code Breaker is based on the classic board game that is also known as Mastermind, Master Mind, Code Puzzle game and Bulls & Cows.

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Some main features of Mastermind:

 – DIFFICULTIES: 3 difficulties: Easy, Medium and Hard. The harder the bigger the secret code is – extra challenge!

 – BOARDS: 480 free puzzles. All boards are free!

 – MODES: on medium you will face repeated colors, while on hard you will face both repeated colors and empty pins.

 – A really addictive challenge.

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