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Download Game Master Of The Board Free

Game Master Of The Board is board games free download for mobile at site! Master Of The Board is collection of the board games with both classic and new mods.

Some main features of Game Master Of The Board:

– There are lots of boards in different shapes and different sizes of each game

– Artificial intelligence with difference difficulty levels for each game

– Replay at the end of the game

– A simple and comfortable design with animations and sound

– Customizable graphic

– The entire game is free to play

The following games:

* Ataxx

* Ataxx Pentagonal (also know as Penntagon)

* Hexxagon

* Reversi (also know as Othello)

* Reversi Hexagonal

* Four in A Row (also known as Connect Four)

* Four In A Row Hexagonal

* Checkers (also know as English Draught)

* Checkers Hexagonal

* Chinese Checker

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