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LEGO Juniors Quest Download

LEGO Juniors Quest for Android games free download is a very nice and interesting game for the kids. It is a sort of adventure that kids love to fulfill without getting bore. The game is based on a story and this is the thing that keep involve the persons of all ages and everyone wish to finish the whole game while playing it till end. Children feel curiosity that what will happen next.

LEGO Juniors Quest is a third person adventure game set in the LEGO universe, where you will control a police officer that has two very different missions: on the one hand, he has to catch a thief that has escaped, and on the other hand he has to rescue a lost cat.
Just like in most LEGO games, you will have to pick up different LEGO pieces along your way. In addition, you can drive the police car and walk through the game’s scenes as you search for the thief and the cat.
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+ Bright, fun and friendly animations and soundtrack
+ Intuitive icons and navigation for easy gameplay – no reading or writing skills required
+ No third-party advertising
+ No links to websites
+ No in-app purchases
+ NEW: Unlock new, free content with studs earned
+ NEW: A fun map that always shows where you are and where to go. Once all levels have been unlocked, your child can play their favorite quests over and over again.
+ NEW: Extra beach level – surf the waves to collect more studs.
+ No in-app purchases
+ NEW: Unlock new, free content with studs earned
+ Virtual building with LEGO® bricks
LEGO Juniors Quest is a simple and very fun game. Even though it’s designed for kids, it might be fun for all of the LEGO fans out there.

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