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Download Game Landlord – Real Estate Tycoon Free

Game Landlord – Real Estate Tycoon is board games free for your mobile. Landlord turns the whole world into a Monopoly board by allowing you to purchase venues you visit and earn rent in real time when people check in at those properties.

Want to buy Piccadilly Square in London? How about Central Park in New York? Maybe you’d just enjoy a small coffee and crepe shop somewhere in the heart of Paris? Whatever you choose, you’d better up your real estate game and become the best wheeler-and-dealer of property in the world.

Invest in your properties with upgrades such as WiFi, karaoke evenings, and VIP areas to make them more valuable and boost your rental income.

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Main features of Game Landlord – Real Estate Tycoon:

 – Begin with $50,000 in virtual cash to start your real estate empire!

 – From Times Square in New York to Starbucks in Moscow, own and manage the most famous buildings in the world.

 – Challenge friends and receive coins for each referral. Pick venues wisely and become the most successful player among your friends. 

 – You can compete with all players around the world. Fight rivals and bankrupt them.

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