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Game Kart Racer 3D is android games free download – A glistening quarter-mile of rain-soaked pavement of the tropical island lies before you. Will you drift, draft or smash your way to the finish line? Kart Racer delivers a deep and realistic open wheel motorsport.

This game for Android will take you to a beautiful tropical island with people who love racing. Kart racer 3D – participate in fun races on island tracks. Overtake your opponents and defeat the evil businessman trying to take the island.

Launch yourself between chaos and control as you hit the loud pedal and roll into tropical karting traffic. Cool power-ups like exploding missiles, shields, octopus and other hazards help you slash other riders and race them to the victory. Be the first one to get to the finish. 

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Main features of Game Kart Racer 3D:

 – 6 unique heroes.

 – 5 detailed environments with 14+ challenging tracks.

– Stunning 3D visuals and real motor sounds.

– Easy to learn and drive.

 – Play with friends.

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