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Jewels Star Download

Game Jewels Star is a match-three game in the style of Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga. The addictive gameplay is based around matching three or more jewels of the same color.

Jewels Star is android games free download, doesn’t deviate much from the classic match-three game format: you make groups of three or more colored gems, they explode and disappear then more gems fall down. There are special power-up gems that perform certain things like exploding a whole line or row of gems, or giving you more time.

How to play:
+ Match 3 or more identical jewels.
+ Match the jewels until the board transparency,the Jewels star will appear.
+ Make the jewels star down to last line to pass the level.


+ 350 levels

+ 8 colourful backgrounds

+ Various bonuses and surprises

+ Set of achievements

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